JDocDB -- A Lightweight Document Management System for JLab

This is a pilot for a new document management system for use at the lab for various groups that need these capabilities. This system will provide users with the functionality and features they need while meeting our requirements for maintenance, security, integration with other JLab systems, etc.

JDocDB is new and will continue to evolve...
It's based on the Drupal content management framework which is extremely flexible and modular allowing the development of highly customized, feature rich web sites. JDocDB is in its infancy and will continue to evolve as users provide feedback to shape it to include the features and functions that are needed.

Much of the core functionality required is built in to Drupal
In addition to the core document management functionality, EMail notifications of changes, printer-friendly pages, pdf generation, comment system, mobile device support, and many other useful features are enabled by putting a check in a box.

Drupal can be integrated with our central authentication and other systems.
This allows the use of CUE accounts for user login. Integration with our central Single Sign-On system (Shibboleth) is also available. This approach also offers the option of federated authentcaition allowing users to login with credentials from other institutions. In addition to these important authentication considerations, multiple installations can be easily managed, updated and maintained. The Drupal community is very active providing quick response to security issues that are discovered.

Please provide feedback
Please let me know of any problems, or of any additional features or functioniality that is required.
Marty Wise (wise@jlab.org)