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[Anonymous].  2016.  Tagger Coincidental Rate.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Background study for eta-->pi0+2g.
[Anonymous].  2016.  JEF plan for PAC45.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Search for a Leptophobic Gauge Boson via η Decay at JLab. INPC conference 2016, Australia.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Production of eta and eta' during GlueX.
[Anonymous].  2016.  FCAL-II and Acceptance.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Reducing background with BCAL.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Reducing Background with BCAL II.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Reducing Background with BCAL II.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Size of PWO Insertion in FCAL-II.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Update on the eta-PrimEx experiment.
[Anonymous].  2015.  Path to PAC44.
[Anonymous].  2015.  Search for a Leptophobic B-Boson via η decay at. Patras 2015.
[Anonymous].  2015.  APS talk on pi0 lifetime. APS April Meeting, 2015.
[Anonymous].  2015.  B-boson search at Jlab.
[Anonymous].  2015.  Estimate of Missing Energy Cut Wdith.